ArgonCube Gallery- Module-0

Module-0 at LHEP-University of Bern

module-0 top view

View from the botton of the ArgonCube module-0 after assembly. The charge pixel tiles can be seen on the top and bottom of the image and on the left and right we can identify ArCLight and LCM light detectors. The cathode plane in the middle of the image splits the module into two optically isolated TPCs.

pixel plate Computer
The image shows the front side and rear side view of pixel plates used in Module-0 of ArgonCube experiment. Each Module-0 is pixelated anode with 4.43 mm pixel spacing and 2.6 ms signal time binning to provide true 3D imaging of ionization signals. Two pixelated anode planes are instrumented by 1600 custom low-power, low-noise cryogenic compatible LArPix application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) devices.

ArgonCube installation and Transportation:

ArCLight tile production

ArCLight Module

LCM for light detection inside TPC

Fixing top flange to the module-0

Module-0 after cabling.

Module-0 with shock absorbers for transportation.

Installiation of Module-0 into the cryostat.

Testing of the charge tiles.

The Boss is happy !!

LHEP ArgonCube team

Transporting module-0 to Fermilab.

Transporting 2x2 cryostat to Fermilab.